Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garage Construction

As many of you know, we live above our landlord's garage. They have been "improving" the garage below us and so there has been a lot of construction going on. One of the great things they did was get rid of a huge wasp nest. Here it is!

Damien was sad when we came home and they had already demolished it because he wanted to watch! ha

Another "improvement" that our landlords have added to the garage is a toilet. Yes, a toilet for them to use while they are out gardening or puttering around. As you can see in the picture, there are no walls or dividers for privacy around it. I hope we don't happen to walk by when the garage door is open and someone is using the toilet. Damien and I just laughed when we saw it! Who puts a toilet in their garage and still plans on using it as a garage?

Also, we have this cherry tree in our yard. These cherries look so good, but they aren't ripe quite yet.

Speed Bumps

So yesterday on my way to work, the car ran out of gas. The gas gauge on our car isn't working and we thought we had the mileage calculated, but apparently that mileage is only if for times when we aren't have a hundred degree weather and having to use the air conditioning all of the time. I was almost to work thank goodness when the car stopped. On my walk to work some strange man asked me if I wanted a ride. I made it to work safely and on time for my meeting!

Today should have been a better day, or that is what I thought. After taking Damien to work this morning I came back to the tree house and began taking a shower when the power was turned off by the workman who are working on the garage below our home. The water turned ice cold and I had to jump out of the shower after trying to rinse off. So I haven't washed my hair yet today and I had to put my makeup on from the light that comes in through the tiny window in our bathroom. But I made it to work on time!

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?