Friday, August 29, 2008

Muti-tasking While Exercising

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The other evening Damien and I went for a run and ran past a girl dressed in workout clothes, but she was slowly walking down the street talking on her cell phone. I have seen so many people doing this lately. I have probably seen 10 people doing this and none of them are out of breath or breathing heavily. I don't think you can count that as working out. The only thing on your body that is working is your mouth, which doesn't need to be worked more.

A really funny siting of this was at the BYU gym. This girl was laying stomach down on the weight machine to work her hamstrings. At first she looked like she was there to work out, but with a closer look I realized that she had her feet up and was enjoying just chatting on the phone. There was no exercise involved, but nice try!

I should start carrying my camera around so that I could get a collection of these crazy people. They need to learn what working out really is.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Note About Toy Stores

Right now at work I am in the process of calling children's stores to get their marketing director's information so that we can send them information to see if they want to advertise in between children's programs. While making calls to stores today I came across a store called Incredible Toys. I called and asked for the name and e-mail address of the marketing director and the guy who answered the phone said that he could give me that information, but I might want to note that they only sell adult toys at this store. That was the end of the conversation. I don't think BYU would appreciate this company advertising around children's programing, although it would definitely liven it up a bit!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Biggest Loser

One of my new favorite shows is The Biggest Loser. I have been watching previous seasons of it and it has been so motivational! Most of the people on the show weigh between 250 and 400 pounds at the beginning of the show. Fitness gurus teach all of the contestants how to work out and eat correctly. It is a great show and has reminded me of a few tips for losing weight and staying healthy, so I thought I would share a few with you.

1. Cardio is great, but lifting weights is just as important. Lifting weights will increase the muscle in your body. The more muscle you have the more calories it takes to keep those muscles alive, thus raising your resting metabolism.

2. Make sure that you are eating enough protein to feed your muscles. Making whey protein shakes is a great way to get extra protein in your diet.

3. When lifting weights, remember to give your muscles 48 hours worth of rest between workouts.

4. When doing cardio, make sure it lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. Once you reach longer than 30 minutes, your body starts to use muscle to fuel the exercise. Don't over do it.

5. If you aren't building a muscle up then it is deteriorating. You have to keep using them.

6. Remember to work on your core! Yoga is a great way to do this. An hour yoga workout can burn up to 600 calories.

7. Remember portion control. Eat one serving size.

8. If you find that you like to snack sometimes just for the taste of the food, but you aren't really hungry than chew a piece of gum.

9. Have fun and do things that you enjoy doing.

10. Try new exercise routines, you might find something you enjoy and helps burn calories.

If you are wanting a really good book to read about exercise and eating healthy I would recommend The Abs Diet or The Abs Diet for Women by David Zinczenko.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Want A Kitten!

I am a cat lover and when I found out that my family found these two kittens I was so excited! My family keeps sending me pictures of them so I thought I would show you how cute they are!

The boy's name is Rory and the girl's name is Tootsie. They are about six weeks old right now. They are so cute and little! My favorite thing is that they try to play with our other cat, Bailey, and she hates it so she jumps up on top of whatever is closest to get away from them!

I can't wait to see them in December when we go to Spokane for Christmas and Bean's wedding!

Also, I have been telling Damien how much I want a kitten. He is allergic to cats though, but he said he would let me get one if it didn't bother him. So we would have to make it an outdoor cat, but I am okay with that.

I can't wait to get a cat someday!