Friday, March 11, 2011

The Atlanta Temple

The LDS temple here in Atlanta has been under reconstruction for almost two years. Along with updating the temple, they have updated the Beehive Clothing building too. (This is where you can buy white clothing to wear in the temple.) Yesterday I went with my good friend Allyson and we helped Beehive unpack dresses and get the store ready for business. It made me even more excited for the temple to be rededicated.

I've been working on more family history so that we will be ready to take these names through the temple when it's open. Damien and I are excited to give our ancestors the opportunity to accept the Gospel if they choose. I think we have around 26 names so far between our two families! Now we just have to wait for the rededication. The open house will be April 9-23 with the rededication on May 1. Anyone and everyone is invited to come to the open house.

To find out more about why we Mormons do family history work, go here.