Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trip to the US

We made a quick (week and a half long) trip back to the US a few weeks ago. We went to Phoenix, Arizona for the annual general meeting for the company Damien works for and then we spent a few days with our families in Utah.

 While in Phoenix we gave Audrina her first bubble bath. She was scared of the bubbles and stood up the whole time she was in the tub trying to avoid the bubbles. I decided it would be fun to give her a little bubble hair. She didn't seem to mind.

We had a few rough nights trying to get adjusted to the new time zone (15 hours behind). Audrina ended up in our bed a few nights because that's the only way we could get her back to sleep. And we needed our sleep.

My mom came as our nanny to help with Audrina while we were there. They had lots of fun together!

The first night we were there, they gave out hats for everyone and we got this little pimp hat for Audrina. She looked so cute in it!

On Friday night they have an adults only dinner and most of us from the Malaysia project went in Indian attire since we live next to Little India here in Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysia team

We also had a woman come and do our henna for the event. I had her do a peacock up my arm. It was beautiful!

During the adult only dinner, they had a toddler event for my mom and Audrina to go to but she slept the whole time. She was still recovering from the time change I guess.

Saturday morning my mom and I got up and ran the 5K they had. It was an 80's themed run so they had wigs and other 80's items to bling yourself out with.

Those of us that ran from the Malaysia project.

Mom and I chose these awesome wigs from the 80's attire to wear.

Audrina was terrified of the mullet wig! I came in the room with it on my head and she was fine with it. Then we put it on her head to take a picture and she started to freak out. It worked out well though because there were stairs at my grandma's house in Utah we didn't want her going down by herself. We put the mullet wig at the top and that stopped her from going near the stairs!

We managed to get a picture of her with the wig on.

Grandma saving Audrina from the mullet.

Still recovering from the traumatic experience.

While we were in Utah with our families we went to the zoo, aquarium, City Creek Center and just spent time together. It was a fun trip. I'm glad we got to see our families, but hopefully next time we're together we'll have more time.

Audrina helped me unpack when we got back to KL.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013