Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rock Climbing

Damien loves to rock climb and has been wanting to go for a while now. I wasn't sure if I would like it because I've never really been. He set up a basic lesson for us at an indoor rock climbing place just a few miles from where we live.

We had our lesson this past Saturday. It was pretty fun! I was a bit nervous at first because the walls were so high (60 ft.). After a while I got used to being way up there and it was pretty fun. I am even able to belay Damien without coming off the ground too much.

My favorite part was when I was belaying Damien and the top of the rope was secured on an overhang. Damien hadn't reached the overhang yet and he fell and came swinging out from the wall and hit a guy standing next to me who was belaying someone else. There was nothing I could do about it except push him back to the wall so he could hang on again for me to lower him to the ground. It was pretty funny though!

Now Damien is begging me to go back this week. We'll have to see. My body is still trying to recuperate from this first time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We are always looking for good desserts. Damien heard a friend talking about the banana enchiladas at Nava and how they were his favorite dessert. We decided we to try them because we've never had dessert enchiladas before.

Damien ordered the banana enchiladas. I ordered the mud pie. Both were delicious! Now we want to go back and see what dinner is like there. The menu looked pretty good.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mom's Visit to Atlanta

My mom came to visit me a month ago while Damien went to training in Denver for his job. We had a fabulous time. A few of the fun activities we did:

1. Found an authentic Italian pizzeria Antico-pizza Napoletana and had a delicious capricciosa pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, prosciutto, and fresh basil) which is my favorite! This restaurant is very cool because they have communal seating right there in the kitchen area. You can watch them make the pizzas right in front of your eyes!

2. Spent 2 hours by the pool and my mom was burnt crispy! I found this very comical because every time we go somewhere warm she always gets sun burned!

3. Went to Alon's Bakery which is delicious, except this midnight cake we got wasn't too hot.

4. Drove around quite a bit.

5. Went to the farmers market.

6. Went to the Atlanta Aquarium where we:

- pet sting rays and sharks

- saw some cool fish
- walked through one of those tunnels where you can see all of the fish swimming around you.

That huge shark you see in the picture below is a whale shark. They had four of them in this tank and they were all HUGE. (Side Note: Damien's boss went scuba diving in this tank with those huge sharks a couple of weeks ago.)