Friday, May 21, 2010

New York City - Part 3


We did some shopping and only tried on the finest accessories!

We got to see Wicked and we had THE best seats in the house. The play was awesome. The actors and actresses were so good and the props and special effects were amazing!


We saw the Statue of Liberty.

Look how big the bolts are in the statue!

Seeing Lady Liberty made me so proud to be an American and have the freedom we have today.

On a side note, the man who built the inside supporting structure for the statue is the same made who built the Eiffel Tower.

And we went to Ellis Island.

This is called the Registry Room and has been restored to what it looked like when my ancestors came over. It was so cool to be able to stand in that same spot my great and great great grandparents stood in about 90 years ago. I am so thankful they made the tough and long journey to America!

Wall Street

And of course if you go to Wall Street, you have to see the bull although it isn't located on Wall Street anymore.


We saw the Empire State Building.

Had the most delicious cupcakes at Crumbs bakery.

Soup dumplings again for lunch and this time we were professionals at eating them correctly.

We had a delicious dinner at Mexicana Mama's in the Village and wore some of our new atire!


It was Rita's birthday and she chose Cafe Reggio for breakfast. Very European in both decoration and ambiance.

And for a walk at Washington Square.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New York City - Part 2


We went to the Met and got to see this old Egyptian temple. I think this was my favorite exhibit we saw.

We saw the armor and swords exhibit, modern art, Picasso, and some old European art.

Damien's old roommate Brandon and his wife Annie happened to be in NYC the same time we were. We were able to meet up and have dinner in Times Square. (Note: This was the evening before the bomb was discovered there.)

Dinner with the Zellers.

We visited the M&M store in Times Square. Three floors of M&Ms memorabilia and we got to try pretzel M&Ms. They weren't too shabby.


We had bagels for breakfast a couple of mornings at Murray's. They were so good! I've been craving some of those bagels since we've been back.

My great great grandmother died at the Ellis Island hospital about a month after she arrived in the US. She is buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Queens. We had the opportunity to go see the cemetery although we were unable to find her grave. We think it is an unmarked grave considering her circumstances.

This is the area we think she is buried in. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

I had to have a New York hot dog. It was delicious!

Damien sporting his new sunglasses.

We ate soup dumplings in China Town. Damien made us watch a video on how to eat soup dumplings. There is a correct way to eat them so that you avoid the humiliation of burning your mouth.

Here you can see what the dumplings look like. I'm trying to show correct technique here too.


We went to little Italy and ate some authentic New York-style pizza at Lombardi's.

We had a cannoli from the Cannoli King. I don't like cannolis at all, but I actually liked this one a lot!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New York City - Part 1

While in the mist of our chaotic move we spent a week in the Big Apple to celebrate graduation for both Damien and me. Here are some of the fun things we did while we were there.


We rented an apartment in the village and met Rita and Tricia there to begin our adventures.

My first time on the subway.

Times Square

FAO Schwarz

We got quite the laugh out of this Barbie runway.

The Diamond District. Exactly what it sounds like, lots and lots of diamonds!

Dylan's Candybar

Dinner at Isabella's. It was delicious!

Our apartment was on the second floor and there were two night clubs down below. This meant lots of people watching.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Kidding

We have been planning on moving to Santa Fe for a few weeks now, but got news before we left on our trip to NYC that plans were up in the air. After the sudden passing of a project manager in Little Rock, Arkansas and a bit of shuffling we have been reassigned to Atlanta, Georgia!

This will be a temporary move so we should be there for somewhere in the ballpark of 3-9 months and definitely less than a year. After that they will give us a more permanent assignment.

This past week we:

1. Moved all of our things to my grandma's for the movers
2. Cleaned and left the only apartment we have ever lived in since being married
3. Completed the walk through with the moving company
4. Finished my last week of work

We have yet to find out more about the housing situation since it is a temporary move. Once we know that we can decide when we will fly out and when we will send the movers with all of our belongings.

I am so sad to say good-bye to all of my wonderful friends here in Utah, but am excited for a new adventure. I'm sure where ever we end up will be a good experience. I am a bit worried about all of that delicious southern food though. YUM!